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Victor C. Bolles Biography







Victor is the author of the groundbreaking book, Principled Policy, that analyses the American Social Contract and builds a framework of how to understand the most important public policy issues of our time. He followed up that important work with a second book, Edifice of Trust, that looks at how the important social issues of our time relate to the American Founding Principles. The book reviews the positions of the presidential candidates in the 2016 election and offers insights on how to view their principal (as opposed to principled) policy positions. Prior to the passage of the GOP Tax Bill, he analyzed the principles that should be the foundation of such a tax regime in A Summation of the Principles of Taxation. Most recently he has catalogued his commentaries on the Trump presidency in 2017 - A Trumpian Year in Review and 2018 - Surviving Trump. He has also written a novel, Tawantinsuyu, about international nuclear terror.

Victor worked in the Office of Technical Assistance of the US Treasury Department for fifteen years specializing in advising foreign governments on the issuance and management of government debt. He has worked throughout Central America and the Caribbean and was resident for eight years in Honduras and El Salvador.

Prior to joining Treasury, Victor was an independent investment banker working out of San Antonio, TX. Victor worked at Citibank for many years in New York, Mexico City, Quito, Ecuador and Lagos, Nigeria where he was head of the investment bank and regional treasurer. His first job after graduate school was with Swiss Bank Corporation (now a part of UBS).

Victor has lived overseas for 16 years, speaks Spanish fluently and has traveled extensively. Victor has an MBA in Finance from the University of Michigan. He is married to Diane and has three children and three grandchildren



January, 2020

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