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In Defense of Principle examines the foreign relations and defense policies of the United States from the perspective of America’s founding principles. This book follows the path explored by the groundbreaking books; Principled Policy that analyzed the American Social Contract and outlined a framework of how to understand the most important public policy issues of our time; and Edifice of Trust that reviewed the most important social issues of within the framework of the American Founding Principles.

Quote form the Introduction:

We know the past (at least the interpretation of history we were taught at school) but the future is a fog of uncertainty. And we poorly understand or misinterpret the changes that are occurring around us. It is easy to make mistakes and miscalculations under these circumstances. But mistakes and miscalculations can be deadly. 

We are facing multiple existential threats and lack the vision to make wise policy choices. For America, our only choice is to remember the Founding Principles on which our country is based. Those principles have guided us through dark times and great dangers. By sticking to those principles, we have overcome slavery, defeated fascism and crushed communism. 

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