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The Grate Debate

Victor C. Bolles

June 21, 2024


Many people are expected to watch the upcoming presidential debate between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. But the debate is unlikely to change very many minds unless something very unexpected happens. In this commentary we are going to talk about the upcoming presidential debates and what you should expect to see and what you shouldn’t.


Quote from the commentary:

So, the viewers of the 2024 presidential debate are expecting something more similar to a cage fight than a reasoned discussion of issues. It will be like watching a hockey game for the fights or NASCAR races for the crashes. 

A Fox in the Henhouse

Victor C. Bolles

June 10, 2024


After the Second World War the victorious allies created a series of international organizations designed to reduce conflict and promote peace between the countries of the world. These organizations worked pretty well for a while but now seem ineffectual and counterproductive. In this podcast the Edifice of Trust host, Victor Bolles, looks at why these institutions are not working so well and suggests what we should do to reduce conflict and promote peace among nations.  


Quote from the commentary:

Ms. Economy goes on to show how China, through an aggressive and opportunistic diplomacy has essentially captured many of the global institutions of the Western inspired world order such as the World Health Organization (that covered up China’s involvement in creating Covid-19), Interpol (using red notices to harass dissidents outside China) and using the UN charter as cover for civil rights abuses.

He Must be Guilty of Something

Victor C. Bolles

May 27, 2024


The most recent of the many trials of former President Donald Trump by George Soros backed prosecutors will be going to the jury soon. But politically motivated show trials are usually associated with autocratic regimes, not with Western democracies. And if Democrats think that these trials have dampened the popularity of the former president, they need to read the most recent polls. In this podcast, the Edifice of Trust host, Victor Bolles, will look at these trials and their impact on voters.


Even Never Trumpers realize that these proceedings are politically motivated show trials – show trials more often associated with authoritarian regimes than with Western democracies. The trials make Mr. Trump a more sympathetic figure - if that’s possible. It also puts him on the front page of the few remaining print newspapers and his travails are always the lead story on the evening news.

I Applaud Civil Disobedience

As Long as it is Civil

Victor C. Bolles

May 13, 2024


Civil disobedience is an activity unique to modern Western Civilization. But disobedience of the law has consequences and many people protesting unjust laws or unwise policies have had to make sacrifices. The anti-Israel protesters are not only defying the tradition of non-violent civil disobedience, they are trying to avoid the consequences of their actions. In this podcast, the Edifice of Trust host, Victor Bolles investigates the nature of civil disobedience and why the actions of the anti-Israel protesters do not meet the standard of civil disobedience.


Quotes from the commentary:

People disobeying the law in support of their cause, such as the efforts of King and Gandhi, must also be willing to pay a price for their actions. Henry David Thoreau was jailed for not paying his taxes. Gandhi and King were jailed numerous times for their efforts on behalf of human rights. The anti-Israeli protestors want to be exonerated for their disobedience. They want to be able to brag to their friends about how they stood on the protest line but they want to pay no price. That’s not how things work in the real world.

Israel is not the Target

Victor C. Bolles

May 9, 2024


City University of New York law professor Jeffrey Lax said it clearly in an interview with Stuart Varney on Fox Business news. He stated, referring to the anti-Israel protests, “This is not antisemitic, this is anti-American, this is anti-western culture, the jews are the low hanging fruit. Next is America, next is western culture.” In this podcast, the Edifice of Trust host, Victor Bolles, points out who is the real target of the anti-Israel protests.


Quote from the commentary:

America is THE target because America is the keystone, the glue, the essential country that holds together the much disparaged Western rules based world order. Without US support NATO would collapse. Without US support Korea and Taiwan would absorbed by their communist neighbors. Without US support, the rules based world order would disintegrate. 

The Specter of Nationalism

The Difference between Trust and Loyalty

Victor C. Bolles

April 25, 2024


Nationalism is on the rise across the globe – and Yoram Hazony thinks that’s a good thing. Mr. Hazony, Chairman of the Edmund Burke Foundation, is a promoter of national conservatism and rejects the universal values such as the unalienable rights described in the Declaration of Independence. In this commentary we investigate the tenets of national conservatism and how it could impact the world around us. 


Quote from the commentary:

Mr. Hazony lumps the Enlightenment-based, American-led “Rules Based World Order” along with Hitler’s Third Reich and Stalin’s Soviet Union as proponents of “universal values” that supposedly would bring peace and prosperity to the peoples of the entire world, whether they liked it or not.

Urgent Priorities 2024

Victor C. Bolles

January 9, 2024


Once again, while our so-called political leaders are completely absorbed by their campaigns for reelection, they ignore the urgent national priorities that need to be addressed, or worse, use those issues as political levers to galvanize their base at the expense of the American people. In this podcast the Edifice of Trust host, Victor Bolles, revisits those priorities that have become even more urgent as we enter a tumultuous election year. 


Quote for the Commentary:

“Critics on the left will moan that meritocracy would worsen inequality. But equality of outcomes in education would mean driving all children down to the lowest common denominator (which you would understand unless you had been taught the new “equitable” math). But meritocracy will provide equality of opportunity. In fact, you cannot have equality of opportunity without meritocracy.”

Urgent Priorities 2023

Victor C. Bolles

January 12, 2023


Last year I published a podcast (Urgent Priorities, December 30, 2021) on the urgent priorities that America had to confront in the year 2022. Since many of those priorities were addressed very ineffectively or were not addressed at all, I was tempted to simply republish that commentary again this year. But the world is dynamic, and conditions change so I felt that America’s urgent priorities had to be updated to reflect those changes. In this podcast, the Edifice of Trust host, Victor Bolles will discuss the unfinished business of 2022 and the priorities of 2023 and beyond.


Quote from the Commentary:

“There are priorities that affect all Americans, rich and poor, black and white, young and old, whatever. We live in a complex and dangerous world. While our country is rich and powerful, it is not invulnerable. We cannot ignore the events happening around us and we need to be able to influence those events or be prepared to suffer the consequences.”

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