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  • Victor C. Bolles

The Never Ending Election

As of now, some sixty odd Democrats have stated publicly their intention to boycott the inauguration of Donald Trump on Friday, January 20th. I don’t want to go into the media battle between Mr. Trump and Representative John Lewis that has flowed from Rep. Lewis’ interview on one of the Sunday talking-heads shows where he stated that he felt that Mr. Trump’s election was not legitimate (he apparently felt the same about the election of George W. Bush as well).

Democrats are trying to come up with a reason their candidate, Hillary Clinton, lost other than the fact that she and her team ran a terrible campaign and lost the votes of a vast swath of people across the country (especially the center of the country). They cite Russian hacking, FBI investigations, white supremacy, the Electoral College and the kitchen sink. These dedicated Clintonites feel worse than Dallas fans after last Sunday’s game. How could their candidate have lost? She had everything: minorities, women (considered a minority although they make up 50.8% of the population), abortion, gun violence, experience, everything. It goes on and on. How could she lose?

They think there has to be a reason for this unbelievable outcome. They had a lock. They had the Democratic National Committee packing things in their favor. They had the media feeding her debate questions. They had pay-for-play. Their opponent was a pussy-grabbing buffoon who tweets before he thinks. What could go wrong?

The psychological straw they are grabbing at is to deny that the election is over and that Mr. Trump will be a legitimate President. Clinton Campaign Chairman Leon Podesta refused to concede Trump’s victory during interviews after the election. Leftist operative David Brock declared “Our goal is to keep Trump unpopular” according to Buzzfeed (as if he needed help).

What I would like to know is what possible good do these Democrats think will result from delegitimizing the Trump presidency? It might make them feel better to continually bash Mr. Trump. He is likely to be a cornucopia of opportunities for criticism. Bashing Trump and trying to frustrate any and all of his policies might make them feel superior to the supposed idiots that elected him. Go ahead. It's the American way.

But would delegitimizing the election serve the American people? Attacking Mr. Trump’s election isn’t attacking Mr. Trump. It is attacking the US and our democratic institutions. Attacking the 45th peaceful transition of power unnerves the American people and gives comfort to our enemies. Unfortunately for the Dems, the Electoral College functioned exactly as the Founders intended.

Oh, and by the way, their frantic efforts to delegitimize Mr. Trumps election are blown away by the fact that they also lost the House, the Senate, the governorships and most state legislatures.

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